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Le géosymbole vu par l’archéologie

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Meet Senscape, a toolbox for the analysis of human landscape experience

Viewshed analysis plugin for QGIS has been evolving (slowly) and eventually acquired a new habitat: the Processing toolbox. It can now be used in custom models and scripts similar to other Processing providers (such as SAGA or GRASS). The transformation was not a simple one and the whole thing is in the experimental phase, as of writing. The title Senscape may seem too broad - what about senses other than vision? Well, these modules are in their embryonic stage, but they should find their place somewhere, once hatched. (I would be more than glad to collaborate with people developing algos for sound modelling, just leave me a message)
What’s new? analysis radius is variable, it can be specified individually, for each point
the algorithm will produce a textual report, which is very handy for statistical analysis (it provides information for quantifying the ratio of visible vs non-visible areas)
The report is available under Processing » History and Log
How does it wo…