Piling up time: Late Urnfield and Early Iron Age hillforts of the Kupa region and cultural memory

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Published in: D. Ložnjak Dizdar and M. Dizdar (eds.) Late Urnfield Culture between the Eastern Alps and the Danube, Proceedings of the international conference in Zagreb, November 7-8, 2013, Zbornik Instituta za arheologiju, vol. 9, 2017, pp. 77-86,

Authors: Zoran Cuckovic and Lazo Cuckovic

An interesting group of Late Bronze / Early Iron age hillforts featuring large earthen mounds can be defined in the lower Kupa region (Central Croatia). Apparently, this tradition is related to the contemporary culture of neighbouring west-central Bosnia and Herzegovina. These large mounds (on average 5 to 6 meters high and some 40 meters in diameter) are interpreted as ployvalent structures with both strategic and symbolic function. Considering their monumental character, large mounds are analysed as material results of memory practices (rather than as static identity markers). From this perspective, the Late Urnfield / Early Iron Age appears as a period of major change in the attitude of past societies towards time and cultural memory.

Keywords: Late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, Hillforts, Croatia, Cultural memory

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