Visibility analysis for QGIS

Viewshed analysis is a standard feature of GIS software, but its potential cannot be fully explored by standard implementations. The idea behind this plugin is to provide alternative data outputs that cannot be obtained without difficulty (if at all) using simple binary viewsheds. However, the viewshed analysis is not just a “tool” : it is a very tricky kind of spatial modelling. Any implementation of viewshed analysis algorithm is of limited use when lacking proper documentation (which is almost never provided!).

Published as: Advanced viewshed analysis: a Quantum GIS plug-in for the analysis of visual landscapes, The Journal of Open Source Software 4(1). doi: 10.21105/joss.00032

Source code at: Github (The 0.5 version is archived at Zenodo: 10.5281/zenodo.56664)


Documentation for plugin version 0.5.x

Manual for can be found here

You can signal an issue at Issues on GitHub or leave a contact here (in About page).


- December 22, 2016 : Visibility analysis, release 0.5.4: modelling the horizon

-July 30, 2016: QGIS visibility analysis algorithm

-July 27, 2016: QGIS viewshed plugin: a tutorial 



  1. The plugin keeps crashing QGIS (qgis 2.18.15) with the error 'cannot write intervisibility file' - any thoughts on how to solve for this? I also find that QGIS crashes each time I try to look at LoS for over 100 locations using this plugin. Would love your input


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